“Francis helped me create a plan for success. We reviewed all of the options and selected what universities I would apply to. He was there each step of the way, providing advice and encouragement. He worked with me on my essay until it was exactly what I wanted. I went to the interview with confidence after his prep session and it went great.”
-Josh S., University of Southern California

“I will attend my first choice, the University of Texas. I was not sure this was possible but with College USA I have achieved my goal. Thank you for all of your help with the application, essay and test preparation. You gave me the confidence to do it.”
-W. Li, Chengdu, China, University of Texas

“I found the people at College USA to be so friendly and helpful. They really care about your success. The process seemed a bit overwhelming at the beginning but with their help I was able to focus on what was important. Each step in the process was approached in an organized, methodical way. I learned lessons that will be valuable in my future success.”
-Emily M., Cornell University

“Francis began working with me in my junior year. He helped with my selection of colleges and was able to solve disagreements with my parents. With his encouragement, we were all on the same page. He was always willing to take the time to work with me on the application and essay. The interview was a breeze after prepping with Frank. College USA was instrumental in helping me get into my first choice.”
-Zach G., University of Washington